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Jacquie Welkener, MS, P.T.
(314) 651-8143

located with:

Veterinary Specialty Services
1021 Howard George Drive
Manchester, MO  63021

(636) 227-9400
Healing Paws Logo
Healing Paws offers specialized rehabilitation for a variety of surgical and non-surgical conditions whether orthopedic, neurological, or degenerative.

Our Goal
To provide pain relief, improve mobility, assist to regain function and maximize the health of your pet
Pup In Hydrotherapy
In Most Cases
Through our therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation efforts, your companion will recover and return to normal functioning more quickly.

A referral from a veterinarian is required for your companion to benefit from our services.
More hydrotherapy
Dog on a Ball

Terrier in Tank

Healing Paws Rehabilitation Offers

Underwater Treadmill

Electrical Stimulation

Pain Relief
Muscle Re-education

as well as

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Range of Motion Exercises
Land Treadmills
Agility Based Activities
Soft Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilization
Generalized Therapeutic Exercise

Veterinary Consult

Onsite if needed by appointment only

Dog on Ball

Little Guy
Healing Paws Logo2 Cost per visit: $50
10 visit package: $450

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